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The power of song in the season of suffering

Songs are powerful.  They touch the heart, move the emotions, and stir the soul.  They speak to us in ways only music can and words never could.  Songs are especially powerful once we traverse through a season of suffering.  They capture the struggles, challenges, and outright opposition we face.  The season of Lent, we turn to the Bible's songbook, the book of Psalms, and see the power of song.  So many of the psalms see their ultimate meaning in the ultimate sufferer - Jesus our Savior from sin.  The songs on his lips become the songs on our lips today.

February 26: In desertion, press for companionship in God alone.

March 4: In guilt, press for forgiveness in God alone.

March 11: In accusation, press for vindication in God alone.

March 18: In insult, press for praise in God alone.

March 25: In sorrow, press for joy in God alone.

April 1: In death, press for deliverance in God alone.

online services

The final two midweek Lenten services will be delivered online.  Feel free to use these resources for a personal midweek Lenten devotion.

March 25

Pastor Kurt Uhlenbrauck from St. Jacob, Grass Lake

Sermon Text: Psalm 42

Passion Reading: Matthew 26:36-46

Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Listen to the scheduled hymns from our hymnal, Christian Worship:

472 Rise My Soul to Watch and Pray, 114 Christ the Life of All the Living

345 In the Cross of Christ I Glory

Here is the video link.

April 1

Pastor Paul Jansen from Salem, Ann Arbor

Sermon Text: Psalm 31

Passion Reading: Luke 23:44-56

Jesus' death on the cross.

Listen to the scheduled hymns from our hymnal, Christian Worship:

588 Abide With Me, 118 O Dearest Lord Thy Sacred Head

Here is the video link.