What should I wear?

Most wear anything from jeans & a T-shirt to business causal to something more.  Feel free to come as you are.  It doesn't matter what you're wearing.  We're just glad you're here. 

Where should I sit?

Feel free to sit anywhere you'd like and feel comfortable.  We won't make you sit up front.  Ushers can help you find an open seat, no matter when you arrive.

What about kids?

Redeemer has a number of young families with kids.  Please don't feel bad if kids get restless.  They're kids - that's what they do.  We have kids bags available in the Welcome Center to help keep them occupied.  Feel free to use the children's room right next to the seating area that has screen so you can follow along with what's happening, as well as a restroom.

What about all the singing?

The Lutheran church has treasured hymns as a memorable way to communicate the gospel message of Jesus.  It might strike you that there is more singing than you may be used to.  We know there might be a lot of new stuff.  We invite everyone to participate in singing, but feel free to sing and participate as much as you feel comfortable. 

What about the offering?

The members of Redeemer gather an offering out of thankfulness, not out of drudgery or compulsion, from the blessings God has first given to us.  This thank offering supports ministry in our city and around the world.  Guests and visitors shouldn't feel pressured to contribute.

What about communion?

In order to make sure everyone receives the sacrament to their spiritual benefit and not harm, we offer communion only to members.  If you haven't communed with us before, please talk with the pastor before joining us.

Can I stay for coffee & snacks after?

Once a month, typically on the third weekend, we have a coffee hour.  We value our friendships and want to build community between everyone.  So yes, we'd love for you to stick around - you're not overstaying your welcome.