A dead organization?

The Church Still Lives On Today

"I'm spiritual, just not religious."  What kind of a difference can the church make in society today when so many view the institutional, organized church as dead, irrelevant, or unproductive?  Underneath it all, however, is a flawed view of what the church is.  The church is not so much an organization as a mission, not so much an institution as an instrument, not so much a building as a community.  The church is not a dead organization from a bygone era that has lived out its time; the church still lives on today.

August 2: Living Patience

August 9: Living Treasure

August 16: Living Care

August 23: Living Faith

August 30: Living Inclusion

September 6: Living Endurance

September 20: Living Sacrifice

September 27: Living Forgiveness

October 4: Living Compassion

October 11: Living Repentance

October 18: Living Plea

October 25: Living Invitation