the church god wants

“I want a church that …” How would you complete that thought? Some want a church with organ music; others want a church with guitar music. Some want a church with hymnals; others want a church with screens. Some want a complex church with tons of kids’ programs; others want a simple church with just Sunday services. Some want a big church; others want a small church. Some want a formal church; others want an informal church. Some want a traditional church; others want an innovative church. Sometimes these preferences even erupt into debates. In this series, we’ll see that we’re asking the wrong question—not “What do we want in a church?” but “What does God want in a church?” If the Christian Church is the Church of God, then we need to study the characteristics, attitudes, and actions of the church God wants.


August 20: A Church That’s for All People

August 27: A Church That’s a Family

September 3: A Church That Grows Close Together

September 10: A Church That’s Quick to Forgive

September 17: A Church That’s Willing to Say Hard Things

  September 24: A Church That Avoids Political Polarization