familiar terrain

Jesus will always step into the mess—and has with the scars to prove it


Life is messy, and often we have the scars to prove it. Sin scars our bitter regrets. Thirst scars our parched tongues. Work scars our incomplete tasks. Blindness scars our errant wanderings. Death scars the end of our lives. Opposition scars our shaky confidence. And so on. Wherever we look, the messes are everywhere. Jesus doesn’t help us out of life’s messes by offering advice or even lending a helping hand. His footprints prove he’s walked through the worst of life’s messes for us. Those same footprints have paved our path out of life’s messes.


February 26: Into Sin Steps Righteousness

March 5: Into Thirst Steps Water

March 12: Into Work Steps Faith

March 19: Into Blindness Steps Sight

March 26: Into Death Steps Life

April 2: Into Opposition Steps Surrender

April 6: Into the Old Steps the New

       April 7: Into Repetition Steps Completion