FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Universal Questions, Unique Answers

Many companies and organizations have an FAQ page on their website.  It's the place where people who are interested can find out what they are really all about.  In the same way, certain questions get to the heart of what the Christian life is all about.  These questions are perennial questions everyone asks at some point in life.  But Christianity gives surprisingly unique answers.  Christians who know that Jesus has saved them from sin and death cannot help but show their faith in their lives.

September 5: "Why don't you practice what you preach?"

September 12: "Isn't religion supposed to be easy?"

September 19: "Does anyone care about the hurting?

September 26: "Who will look out for me?"

October 3: "Why can't I be as good as others?"

October 10: "How should we define marriage?"

October 17: "Why not get rich?"

October 24: "Can't I be #1?"