He seemed like a defeated man: opposed and killed by his enemies, his followers scattered in fear. Yet three days after Jesus’ death he rose victorious from the dead. Nothing would ever be the same. The rest of eternity is now a victory march for the risen Christ. During Easter, we are not passive observers in Christ’s victory; we are active participants in Christ’s triumph. Just as his death was our death, so also his life is our life. The victory is ours, now and forever. Easter is more than a day; it is an entire joyful season!

April 17: Life's Joy Victorious Over Death's Sorrow

April 24: Bold Witness Victorious Over Timid Restraint

May 8: Fulfilled Works Victorious Over Empty Words

May 15: Selfless Love Victorious Over Self-Glorification

May 29: Heavenly Power Victorious Over Earthly Limitations