A New day dawns

Still today, historians divide all of world history into two grand eras: the era before Christ was born, and the era after Christ was born. The light of Christ did not simply shine in the night sky around Bethlehem; the light of Christ guided the Magi from distant lands to find him. That light is revealed more and more as Christ is revealed more and more. Once light breaks forth throughout the Epiphany season, the world sees the Christchild for who he really is, and the world sees all of life in relation to him. When this light shines forth, it ushers in a new day, a new beginning, and a new era. 


January 8: A Shining Savior

January 15: A Shining Identity

January 22: A Shining Sacrifice

January 29: A Shining Message

February 5: A Shining Blessing

February 12: A Shining Mission

       February 19: A Shining Glory