hard truth

The world often gives us what we want to hear. Politicians try to pander to their base. Sales associates try to sell us a product. Even friends try to not upset our feelings. Even though it is easy on our ears, it is not beneficial to our hearts and our lives. In a world of trite truisms, polite platitudes, and superficial sayings, Jesus gives us what we need to hear, even if it is hard to hear it. His love can do no less, because he is concerned for our ultimate wellbeing. As Jesus teaches hard truth, he challenges conventional wisdom and normal expectations. Do not deny or ignore what he has to say, because even though it is hard, it gives eternal life. 

August 14: Not Peace, but Division

August 21: The First Will Be Last

August 28: The Exalted Will Be Humbled

September 4: Pick Up What You Loathe

September 11: The Lost Are Found

September 18: You Can’t Serve God & Money

September 25: What Helps in Life Fails in Death