The cure the world needs

World-wide problems need world-wide solutions.  As the world turns its attention to a vaccine in 2021, it needs to prepare for a world-wide distribution effort.  The sickness that has plagued our world is a symptom of a much greater disease: our alienation from God.  When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, he came to be God's solution to our world-wide problem.  During the season of Epiphany, we see how this cure spreads from the tiny town of Bethlehem to the far reaches of the world.

January 3: The Cure for Sadness

January 10: The Cure for Sin

January 17: The Cure for Apathy

January 24: The Cure for Indecision

January 31: The Cure for Falsehood

February 7: The Cure for Sickness

February 14: The Cure for Disgrace