control in the chaos

By most people's estimation, the last year has seemed out of control.  Raging pandemic, tragic injustice, societal polarization, educational adaptation, constant adjustments - both personal and public life seems so chaotic.  So much for plans we can control.  The beginning of summer is supposed to bring some calm, but it still doesn't seem quite right.  In this series, we see how the risen and ascended Lord gives his Holy Spirit to guide our lives in our chaotic world.  He remains in control, even when nothing else is.

May 23: Chaos of Instability

May 30: Chaos of Confusion

June 6: Chaos of Busyness

June 13: Chaos of Evil

June 20: Chaos of Pessimism

June 27: Chaos of Nature 

July 4: Chaos of Death

July 11: Chaos of Rejection

July 18: Chaos of Ministry

July 25: Chaos of Isolation