rethinking religion

What is religion? Everyone has assumptions about that. Some think it’s a relationship with God. Some think it’s about personal traditions or beliefs. Some think it’s the energy in the universe or a higher power. Some think it is a tool that helps people or manipulates people. Some think it’s about restrictions or about being a good person. But what would Jesus himself say about religion? During the season of Lent, we go straight to Jesus, who turns our assumptions about religion upside down.


February 14: Rethinking Priorities

February 18: Rethinking Trials

February 25: Rethinking Suffering

March 3: Rethinking Worship

March 10: Rethinking the Solution

March 17: Rethinking Commitment

March 24: Rethinking Strength

March 28: Rethinking Cravings

       March 29: Rethinking Sacrifice