Bible study

Bible study is held on Sunday mornings from 9:00–9:45 am. We will continue to offer an option to join virtually via Zoom if you desire. If you would like to receive a Zoom link, please email us. Handouts are posted below for each session.

    One by one

    Outreach or evangelism refers to sharing the message of Jesus with others. Simply thinking about it can be daunting, and it's growing more complicated in our post-Christian secular culture that wants less and less to do with religion. This Bible study takes a refreshing approach to it. Outreach and evangelism is about people, so there is no other way to do it than one by one.

    One by One is a video based Bible study based on Pastor David Rosenau's address to the Conference on Lutheran Leadership. More information is here.

    october 29: everyone is unique

    Today we begin the study by focusing on how visitors might feel as they come to church for the first time. Everyone comes with different backgrounds and different stories, and so there is no one single way to approach outreach. Today's goal is to envision how we can learn more about the unique stories of the unique people God has placed in our lives. 

    Download the study guide here: L1_Every_Soul_is_Unique.pdf

    november 5: Everyone a witness

    Today we continue the study by focusing on how it's not just pastors or church workers who are witnesses for Jesus. Every believer is. In fact, God often uses experiences of regular Christians in our everyday world to profoundly shape them to be uniquely qualified to be a witness. This is even more important in today's secular age that distrusts church leaders and institutions. Today's goal is to envision how you in particular have been prepared by God to witness.

    Download the study guide here: L2_Every_Believer_a_Witness.pdf

    november 12: courage

    Today we continues the study by focusing on how God gives us the courage to do uncomfortable and inconvenient things. Letting our light shine and showing love to people are key. Today's goal is to reflect on what we can learn from previous experiences when we either were courageous or not.

    Download the study guide here: L3_Courage.pdf

    november 19: one at a time

    Today we continue the study by focusing on the approach we can take in our witnessing. The temptation is that successes need to happen all at once. Instead, we'll see that often the most natural way God grows his church is one individual at a time. Today's goal is to use this theme to encourage someone who doesn't think he or she is good at evangelism.

    Download the study guide here: L4_Individual_Approach.pdf