Bible 101

Whether you would like a refresher on the basics of Christianity, whether you're skeptical and got some tough questions, whether you're just spiritual and want to discuss things, or whether you're interested in joining Redeemer, Bible 101 is for you. It provides you with a foundational understanding of the Bible so that you can feel comfortable in reading it on your own. As the foundation of our faith, you can never learn the essentials well enough. We can meet at Redeemer, in a coffee shop, at home, on Zoom, or wherever and whenever works for you. Each session lasts about an hour and can meet on an individual basis or in groups. Bible 101 is no obligation, no cost, and no question off limits.

Bible 101 starts with the Four Key Concepts of Christianity: sin, grace, faith, and works.  

Topics include:

"How can I have certainty?"

"Why is the world fundamentally broken?"

"Why is a Christian perspective on love so different?"

"How do I get connected to Christ?"

"How do works fit in?"