growth groups

At Redeemer, we do not conceive of the church as simply a place to go for an hour on Sunday morning. Instead, the church is a community of people whom God has knit together to support each other, spend time with each other, and develop friendships with each other. For that reason, Redeemer intentionally develops avenues for small group relationships to form so that we can enjoy life together as friends.

Our small groups at Redeemer are known as growth groups. Growth groups are small groups of people who commit to meeting together outside of church for one hour a month to grow closer as friends. Each group has a facilitator that organizes the details of when and where the groups are meeting. Some groups meet at each other's homes; other groups meet somewhere around town. We currently have three growth groups up and running. Groups meet from January–March, May–July, and September–November. Every April, August, and December, we take the month off so that people can change growth groups or add new ones.

For more information, check out this Q & A document. To get more information on how to join a growth group, you can email us.